Rent to own homes provide an opportunity for ANYONE to become a homeowner!

"Owning a home has always seemed too hard to do until I found Assist2own!" Becky S. - Topeka, KS

"There's alot of confusion when it comes to Rent to own homes... I'm glad theres professionals out there like Assist2own!" James R. - Pasadena, CA

We make owning a home seem a lot easier by taking the first step and building from there!

"Thanks Assist2own! I went from a 540 credit score to a 657 and I am in escrow to buy my first home now!" Martha J. - Seattle, WA
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  • Make payments that go towards OWNERSHIP, not just rent.
  • Ideal if you have less than perfect credit and cannot qualify for a loan.
  • Give yourself time to save towards real home ownership.

  • why rent when you can own your own home? sign up today to get started

5 bed/3 bath
3,328 sq ft.

Atlanta, GA
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Owner Financed
3 bed/1 bath
1,232 sq ft.

Cleveland, OH
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3 bed/3 bath
1,796 sq ft.

Rochester, NY
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Rent to Own
5 bed/2.5 bath
1,694 sq ft.

Tucson, AZ
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Rent 2 own homes and lease to own homes are becoming a very popular way for people that have had credit problems to eventually own a home. Rent 2 own homes provide a way for people with credit problems to build their credit score and build up a down payment through their monthly rent payments. It's a slow and steady process for anyone who desires to be a homeowner and reach their goal by sticking to a definite plan. It's also an opportunity for people to invest their rent payments towards their future home rather than throw it away. Be sure to calculate your average rental time before owning with our rent to own calculator

Although rent 2 own homes are a good way to purchase a home, it also has risks if your not careful. Many homeowners are in jeopardy themselves so finding the right rent to own listings is important. Our rent to own listings have been scrubbed and double checked to be sure that the homeowner is in good standing and all caught up with payments. Also the rent to own listings we provide are contracted to protect renters at all times.

Whether you have owned a home before or you are planning to be a first time homebuyer and you have damaged credit and no money saved, rent to own homes are a great way to pave the way. Contact us today or complete the form above to get started on your path to homeownership and we will help you get started on the right path.

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